Friday, 8 May 2009

Call for better signage at Parc y Scarlets

The lack of adequate signage for the new stadium at Parc y Scarlets is causing unnecessary traffic problems, according to local county councillor Meilyr Hughes.

Cllr Hughes, a Plaid member of the council, said, "I have received a report of one instance where a bus pulled up on the approach to the roundabout, and all of the passengers left the bus to head to the Stadium. In the process, they stopped traffic on two busy roads in order to cross them. I am told that this is a far from isolated instance, as other people have been seen attempting to jump over surrounding fences at the Retail Park and then make their way through busy traffic to get to the Stadium.

"I am convinced that clearer signage, indicating the location of car and bus parking, would help. But we also need pedestrian access to the grounds in order to improve the safety for both supporters and general traffic in the area."

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