Thursday, 23 July 2009

Further concerns about education cuts

Plaid Cymru councillors in Carmarthenshire have expressed further concerns about cuts in the education budget over coming years.

Cllr Gareth Jones said he was particularly unhappy about the proposed cuts for Theatr Arad Goch. "This theatre group does an invaluable job," he said, "in going around schools and working with the children. Withdrawing funds from this service will reduce the opportunities avilable to the county's children. Arad Goch can present elements of school work in different ways. It gives the children a chance to work as individuals and develop team skills, as well as developing their self-confidence. Their productions are a very worthwhile adjunct to the curriculum.”

The county is planning a further cut of £62,000 in Children's services by ending its agreements with Women's Aid. Cllr Dyfrig Thomas said, "This organisation does extremely valuable work, and in time of recession, its work is needed more, not less. The sort of work undertaken is a vital support to the council's own services, and I am very disappointed to see the agreement terminated."

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