Monday, 16 November 2009

Residents unhappy over name change

The residents of Alltwalis are unhappy with the proposed renaming of the wind farm which has been erected in their area, according to local Plaid county councillor, Linda Evans . The wind turbines are currently in the process of being erected at Blaengwen, and the company behind the project is proposing to rename the development as Alltwalis Wind Farm. There are only around 40 houses in Alltwalis itself, and local residents have collected signatures from almost all of those houses protesting against the proposal.

Cllr Evans has presented the petition to the company concerned, and said this week, "The company clearly want to change the name, but I and local residents don't understand why they want to name it after one of the villages in the area. They consulted with local residents in all the villages, asking which of the villages should lend its name to the wind farm. It's true that the largest number supported the name Alltwalis, but it seems as though the votes for that name came from everywhere except Alltwalis itself. It is wrong that the name of one village should be used as a result of the views of other villages.

"Why not hold an open competition, for people to suggest a new name rather then suggesting the names of villages? Or even ask children in local schools to come up with some good Welsh names? That would be far better than the exercise which has been conducted by the company to date."

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