Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Council unprepared for winter weather

Plaid Cymru in Carmarthenshire have strongly criticised the county council over the lack of preparedness for the recent snow and ice. Rural areas in particular have been badly hit as the council has concentrated all its efforts on the county’s main roads, and completely ignored other routes.

Plaid’s group leader, Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, said, “Carmarthenshire is a very rural county; most of the county’s road network is in rural areas. Yet the council seems to have had little or no concern for the needs of people in those rural areas, and roads through villages across the county have been ignored, making life extremely difficult for local residents. Of course there’s a cost involved, but in principle, it’s a fairly simple matter to grit minor roads as well as major ones. The county seems to be interested only in looking after the towns and ignoring the villages. I am calling for a complete review of the council’s policy on gritting, with a view to doing more to keep rural roads passable during periods of snow and ice.”

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