Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Floating Support

Concern has been expressed over whether there are adequate resources being provided in Carmarthenshire to support people in need. Plaid’s Cllr Emlyn Dole raised the matter in a meeting of the full council when a detailed strategy was under discussion.

Cllr Dole drew attention in particular to the increased use of ‘floating’ rather than dedicated resources, and said, “I understand the need for the council to use its resources as flexibly as possible, but I am concerned as to whether the total amount of resources available is equal to the need. It seems to me that if resources are committed to particular individuals, it is easier to see where the gaps are. On the other hand, if the same resources are trying to help a large number of people, it can be a lot harder to ascertain whether all those involved are getting the whole range of services which they need. I am not against the council trying to be more flexible, but I think that we need to ensure that we do not leave any gaps as a result.”

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