Friday, 18 June 2010

Library Closure Mystery

Carmarthenshire County Council has closed Penygroes Library suddenly, with no warning and no consultation according to local councillor Siân Thomas. Cllr Thomas had previously sought reassurances from the council and had been explicitly told that there were no plans to close the library and that it was not even on any list of possible closures. But on Friday 14th May, the council closed it anyway, and has replaced it with a twice monthly mobile service.

Cllr Thomas said, “As the local ward member, I would have expected to be at least advised in advance of the proposal to close the library, especially after having raised the question with the relevant officers on a number of occasions. I was given very clear assurances that the council had no intention of closing this library, and that the library was not even on any list for potential closure.

“When I raised the matter again after the event, I was told that the closure had been effectively agreed when the council’s budget was passed. But having looked at the minutes, they simply state that “6 poor performing small libraries to be replaced with increased mobile provision” and don’t name the affected libraries at all. And having asked my fellow councillors on the Education Scrutiny Committee, they weren’t aware of the list either.

“I am extremely disappointed and angry at the way this has been handled. It is just another example of the undemocratic way that the Labour and Independent Party councillors are running the council.”

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