Monday, 6 October 2008

Federating rural schools

The Assembly government has recently produced new proposals which will allow rural schools to join together rather than facing closure. I'm sure that many parents and governors will be pleased to hear that there is, after all, a viable alternative to the policy of Carmarthenshire County Council, which has been to try and close many of these schools.

We need to persuade the majority who currently control the county council (Independent Party and Labour Party councillors), that they should be willing to change their approach. The county council knew that this new advice was about to be published, but has refused to halt the closure programme in order to consider it.

I hope that parents and governors, in schools across the county, will now start to make use of the new power that the One Wales government is planning to give them from early next year to insist that the county council gives proper consideration to the other alternatives. I and my fellow Plaid councillors will be happy to work with parents and governors to ensure that the pattern of schools in the county matches the needs of communities.

Cllr Fiona Hughes, Llanybydder

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