Thursday, 13 November 2008

Labour Leader attacks Labour Minister

In yesterday's meeting of the full council, the leader of the Labour group strongly attacked the actions of the Labour Minister for Local Government in the Assembly Government. He complained bitterly about the way in which the Assembly Government has imposed a 1% cut on all council budgets, insisting that the councils can make efficiency savings to at least this level.

Later during the meeting, the Leader of the Council, Meryl Gravell, a member of the Independent Party on the council, joined in the attack, claiming that the Labour Health Minister had been slow to release extra funds for the council's programme to tackle Delayed Transfers of Care (bed-blocking).

The interesting aspect of this was that, in attacking the decisions of Labour ministers, both leaders seem to think that Plaid Cymru AMs are in some way responsible for the decisions! It shows a remarkable lack of understanding about the difference between the Assembly and the Assembly Government - a lack of understanding that runs through much of what both leaders have to say on a range of issues.

Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, leader of the Plaid Group, has now asked one of Plaid's local Assembly Members to press the ministers concerned to answer the complaints which the Labour and Independent party leaders have doubtlessly submitted.

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