Friday, 28 November 2008

No new parking charges!

The county council is proposing to introduce charges for on-street parking in Lammas Street in Carmarthen. I and my fellow Plaid Councillors have already resolved to fight the proposal, which will remove any opportunity for people to park free of charge in the town when on a quick visit.

Lammas Street offers only limited parking, but it is the only place that people can park free of charge when they have a specific need requiring a short visit to the town centre. Introducing charges will either increase the cost of such visits or else deter people from making them. In the current economic climate, we should not be doing anything which either places unnecessary additional charges on households or threatens the income of local businesses.

We believe that the existing system of limited period free parking works well and should be continued. One of the biggest problems at present is with people 'double-parking' - that is likely to increase under the council's proposals as people seek to avoid paying the charge.

Cllr Arwel Lloyd, Carmarthen Town South

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