Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Support for Gelli Onn Businesses

I am deeply concerned for the business people in Lliedi Ward who have been subjected to a substantial loss as a result of the work at Gelli Onn - especially at Thomas Street.

The impact of the Gelli Onn development has resulted in unexpected and unprecedented difficulties along with financial loss to these traders. It has resulted in potential customers following two other routes into the town avoiding Thomas Street and these routes continue to be used following completion of the work.

Part of the reason is the narrower pavement which again adds to the difficulty of unloading - especially of glass- and I am told that when a business complained of this difficulty they were threatened with parking prohibition!

In view of the financial loss I believe that the County Council has a moral responsibility and a duty of care to recompense these businesses and provide all the support possible to enable them to continue trading.

I have therefore appealed to the Chief Executive - along with the Council Leader, legal and financial Heads - to meet with these people to discuss their needs and explore every possible avenue of support available. These measures may well require the Authority to go beyond statutory requirements, but it is our duty of care to respond sympathetically and effectively with discretionary payments and measures that will revive the small local businesses which are the backbone of our economy.

They need to be heard, and the Authority, through its' officials, should listen. I have suggested that a meeting be arranged with these ends in view as soon as possible.

Cllr Huw Lewis, Lliedi

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