Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Missed opportunity over playing fields

Carmarthenshire have missed an opportunity to try and give better protection to playing fields, according to two Plaid councillors. At its last meeting, the council accepted the decision of the council's Executive Board not to support a new law being promoted by Plaid AM Dai Lloyd. Mr Lloyd's Measure would make it harder for playing fields to be disposed of, by insisting on considering the impact on the local community first. The Council's Executive Board felt that there was enough protection already, and that there was no need for any further measures. However, this was strongly challenged by Plaid councillors at the meeting of the full council.

Cllr Siân Thomas pointed out that the playing field at Parc Penygroes had been endangered by a decision of the council's own planning committee. "Playing fields will not be safe," she argued, " as long as the Planning Committee can permit building on our parks."

She was supported by Cllr Emlyn Dole, who said, "In my ward, playing equipment has been removed and not replaced. There was no consultation at all - I don't understand how anyone can argue that there is adequate protection at present."

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