Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Telephone box re-materialises!

The campaign to restore the telephone kiosk in Llanfihangel-ar-arth has been successful. The box was damaged by a vehicle, and BT took it away, saying that they were not planning to replace it. Local residents refused to accept this, pointing out how essential the kiosk was to the village.

Local Plaid county councillor Linda Davies Evans took up the issue on behalf of villagers, and presented a petition to BT as well as lobbying them for the return of the kiosk. BT have now relented, and the box has been restored. Cllr Evans said, "I'm delighted that BT has been willing to listen to the voice of the local community on this issue, and that common sense has prevailed. It shows that community campaigns can make a difference."

1 comment:

Adam S. Margetts Esq.BA said...

It is nice to see that BT (the monopoly that it is!) has sucumbed to public opinion and reinstalled the phone box!
Now, if Cilycwm can just get broadband!! or is that to much to ask?