Wednesday, 22 April 2009

School proposal is "in the wrong place"

Carmarthenshire County Council is proposing to build a new school in Glanymôr in the wrong place according to local Plaid ward councillor, Winston Lemon. Cllr Lemon has met with county council officers and other interested parties to discuss the school, which the council is proposing to build on Crown Park.

He said this week, “This park is an extremely valuable facility for the local community, and will be lost if this plan proceeds. We would also be losing the local paddling pool. I have spoken to many many residents of the area and they have all told me that they would prefer the school to be built on the Draka site instead. The location would be as good in terms of the needs of the school, and it would be built on a brown-filed site rather than a greenfield site. It would also enable the community to keep its park.”

Cllr Lemon also drew attention to the traffic and safety implications of the proposed new school. “Siting a school here will inevitably lead to increased traffic in the area, and I am concerned for the safety of residents. I do not believe that the local roads infrastructure can cope with this proposal.”

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