Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Confusion over building rules

Following a plea by a Labour Councillor for Carmarthenshire county council to be encouraged to build new housing, Plaid Councillors have responded by pointing out that it's the Labour Party which is preventing this from happening.

Plaid's housing spokesperson, Cllr Joy Williams said, "I'm very pleased that there seems to be a unanimous view in the council that we should be allowed - and encouraged - to build more council housing as part of the response to the needs of our communities for more affordable housing. It's one thing on which all the groups on the council seem to be agreed.

"However, the Labour group seem not to understand that it's not the Assembly Government which is preventing this from happening - it's actually the rules laid down by the Treasury in London. It's a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who is obstructing progress."

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