Monday, 22 June 2009

Traffic Calming at Llannon

Following representations made by Plaid County Cllrs Emlyn Dole and Phil Williams as well as the local community council, the county council has agreed to consider implementing traffic calming measures along the whole stretch of the main road through Llannon. Welcoming the move, Cllr Emlyn Dole said, "Parts of the road are quite straight, and this has encouraged some drivers to drive faster than the speed limit allows. This creates dangers for pedestrians and other road users, particularly children. I hope that any measures implemented by the council will help to ensure that drivers maintain their speed within the limit set and this can only improve safety locally."

At this stage, it has not been decicded precisely what measures will be implemented, but the two councillors have arranged an open day session when the Transport Dept will be unveiling their detailed plan for road calming measures throughout the village in the village and council officials will be available to hear residents' views.

Cllr Dole added, "I'm glad that the county council is so willing to listen to local opinion on this matter, and looking forward to a successful implementation after the residents have given their input."

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