Thursday, 18 June 2009

Speeding worries at Llanllwni

The primary school on the main road at Llanllwni is the only primary school in Carmarthenshire where the speed limit is not set at 30mph or lower, according to local county councillor Linda Davies Evans.

The Plaid councillor is working with the county council's officers to seek a reduction in the speed limit, as well as considering other traffic calming measures not just outside the school but also throughout the village of Llanllwni.

"The school at Llanllwni is situated right on the main road," said Cllr Evans. "We all know that the faster the speed, the more serious any injuries are likely to be in the event of an accident. All the other schools in the county have a speed limit of either 30mph or even 20mph, and there are growing calls for all roads passing schools to have the lower limit of 20mph. Yet the speed limit outside the school here is currently set at 40mph. In practice, that means that many drivers are going past at up to 50mph.

"I am asking the county council to reduce the speed limit immediately, and also to consider other steps which can be taken to ensure that drivers abide by the new lower limit. Safety, particularly of school children, must be paramount," added Cllr Evans.

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